Monday moanin’

Spent most of the day napping, trying to feel un-lousy. Had a 90 minute shopping trip, and other than that the day was spent on the couch with ibuprofen, emergen-c drinks, and a pillow. Thankfully, by evening I was feeling better. Well, enough better that I was able to go to Maggie’s orchestra concert. There, some wonderful music helped me feel even betterer.

In between naps on the couch, I did do some web surfing on the iPad – here are a few fun links:

Over the weekend Barton Bund and I recorded a podcast for Encore Live – we interviewed the folks from the Who Wants Cake? Theatre, and had a blast. Give it a listen!

Very cool “retro” sci-fi posters!

We’re getting closer and closer to commercial spaceflight… which is just cool!

Now… More sleep. G’night!

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