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Okay, folks – here’s a blatant plea for help.  Winning this would be a HUGE help to The Williamston Theatre.  Our budget is under a half million a year – getting $50,000.00 is a giant thing for us.  Anyone who reads my blog or knows the theatre knows we operate on a shoestring budget but provide jobs for a lot of artists, and produce award winning and critically acclaimed work.  I’m asking, please, take a minute every day this month and vote for us.  Post this on Facebook, and Twitter, and email your friends, and get the word out to everyone on the planet – I’m asking one vote a day from everyone we know for the next 30 days! 



Williamston Theatre
2010-2011 Season
Celebrating Five Years
Vote daily in November to help us win $50K!!

YOU can help the Williamston Theatre win $50,000!!
The Williamston Theatre has applied for a Pepsi Refresh Project grant to support our 2010-2011 Season. The winners are chosen based upon who gets the most votes on the Pepsi Refresh Project’s website. So the power is in YOUR hands.
How do you make it happen? It’s easy!
1. Go to and click on "Browse Ideas and Vote".
2. In the lower left hand corner of your screen, you’ll see an option to "Sign In" or to "Join Refresh Everything". Click the Join option and become a registered voter. You will be able to sign up to receive informational e-mails from Pepsi, but you don’t have to. Registration is required to vote – that’s how Pepsi keeps track of all the votes and makes sure that they are not fraudulent.
3. Search for our project in the Arts & Culture section and VOTE for us! Or go directly to our nomination at:
4. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Everyday!! Voters are allowed to vote for up to ten projects every day. So please return to the site every day in November and vote for our project.  Our project is up for vote in November only, so it’s important to rack up those votes now.
5. Help us spread the word! The folks over at Pepsi have designed it so that you can share the information about our project through Facebook and Twitter very easily once you vote. But take it a step further… forward this information to your friends, colleagues and relatives. Tell people about how they can help us. Post it on your personal website. It is only through you and your efforts that our idea will go viral, gain supporters and votes and win the $50,000!!
The winners will be announced at the beginning of December – just in time for the holidays. We have a terrific line up for you this Season and can’t wait for you to join us on the journey.
Thanks for your support of the Williamston Theatre!!

Williamston Theatre
122 S. Putnam Street, Williamston, MI 48895
(517) 655-7469 / (517) 655-1112 fax

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