A nice busy Tuesday…

Voted this morning for the important Mid-Term elections.  Had a big line of folks voting, which was cool – good to see a big turnout!  Hopefully folks are ALSO voting for the Williamston Theatre at this website as we try to win a bunch of money that would be INCREDIBLY helpful this season.  Go vote!  🙂

Lots of stuff going on at the theatre today, also – the Lighting Designer and Master Electrician are here, hanging, cabling and focusing the plot for the show.  Our new dimmer pack is having the final connections to the existing lighting system completed as we speak!  The set is being built and painted.  Railings are being moved as we re-configure a couple of seating area things, and rehearsal starts in 4 hours!  As I sit here at my desk, I’m listening to the Old 97’s, which is a great band that will be featured in our sound design for the show…

In the meantime, my students at MSU are close to finalizing the "Student Choice" scene selections for the acting class I’m teaching there, and so I’ll be reading a few more of those and giving them my recommendations.  AND the Otterbein University Senior Showcase is coming well, I’ll be back rehearsing with them soon, that’s a really fun project, too!  

I’m looking forward to rehearsal tonight – we had two days off (Halloween, and the regular Monday Off), and we have a ton of fun in these rehearsals.  It’s a great challenge, this comedy.  Silly, big and honest can be a tough blend, and it’s a lot of fun exploring and fine-tuning.  Fortunately I’ve got a great cast to play with!  

No more time to update – gotta get more things checked off the to-do list!  🙂

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