balance balance balance

So much going on! That balance between Dad and Artistic Director has been tough this last two weeks. Still, some great stuff happening.

This weekend, I hadn’t seen my kids as much as I’d have liked, or as much as THEY would have liked, because they texted me all day Saturday from Jeanne’s phone while I was in tech for Greater Tuna! Then, after a nice long tech day, I got home to find them all waiting up for me on the floor of the living room, with blankets and pillows spread out for some good quality snuggle and chat time! Perfect. 🙂

Greater Tuna is coming along really well, it’s a lot of fun. (See Aral Gribble’s video-blog entry on the theatre’s production blog!). We start previews tomorrow night, I’m looking forward to getting an audience in there!

In addition, I’ve had fun working with Annie Martin adapting Oedipus for our small production that’s coming up soon! I’m thinking Annie may have been on to something when she said we should just do it as a musical comedy.

(As I type this, in the Starbucks where I’m having oatmeal for lunch, a college student at the table next to mine has just fallen asleep. The book he’s sleeping on is a Time Management Self Help book. I love this so much that I had to post it.)

I also got the chance to go to Otterbein University and work with the students there on their Senior Showcase performances – that’s always a fun trip, and the project is great – there’s a really solid base there already.

So – balance. More work than play (although I love my job!), more Artistic Director than Dad, and I need to balance that out soon. Some quality family time this weekend will be really nice!

In the meantime, the theater is trying to win $50k! Please vote and help us! You can vote from your cell phone! Just text “103812” (that’s our contestant number) to 73774 (that’s Pepsi!). You can vote daily – and we need everyone we know to vote every day and get their friends to vote too! 🙂

Okay, I’m sure there’s more to journal about and record for all posterity – it feels Iike forever since I updated, but after my dentist appointment (whee) and lunch, it’s time to get back to work!

Happy Wednesday!

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