Happy Veteran’s Day

Today we honor the men and women who served in our Armed Forces and dedicated their talents, devoted their energies and risked their lives to serve this country and keep it safe. I’m proud to be related to some of them, including (among others) my grandfather Harry Hall, my father-in-law Richard Hicks, and my little brother Dominic Caselli.

Dominic posted a story today, and I’m reposting it, because it’s very much worth re-posting:

About 19 1/2 years ago, around 3 am, I got off a USAF C-5 in Dover, Ma. on my way home from Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War. An MP pointed and told us to go into a hanger to wait. As the person in front of me opened the hangar door, I heard the beginning of "God Bless The USA", and inside were about 5000 screaming people, a McDonalds stand, and a Budweiser truck.

Shocked as all Hell, about 200 of us, from all branches of the service, walked in and were given the greatest heroes welcome anyone could ever ask for. A woman who looked my Moms age grabbed me and said, "Son, you look like you could use a hug from a Mom", I responded "Yes Ma’am, I could" and she squeezed me til I thought I would pop. People cheered, Moms and girls hugged and kissed us, men and Veterans shook our hands, and clapped us on the back. I still can’t hear that Damn Lee Greenwood song withough crying. Thanks to all my Brothers and Sisters who have served, especially those who served with me, you know who you are, we had a lot of fun, went  to a lot of good – and some bad – places, and made some of the best and longest lasting friendships anyone could imagine. Happy Veterans Day to you.
-Dominic Caselli, USAF Veteran

Today, folks, say thank you to the Veterans in your life.

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