“Sometimes life sneaks up, and kisses my cheek…”

It is not enough to move through the world, you must change it to suit your expectation. – Baz Luhrmann

Moment to moment. Moments. They happen, we breeze through them.

So it hit me that this week we open our 26th production at the Williamston Theatre. 26th! That’s amazing to me! It seems like yesterday I was starting this journal, and talking about how we were planning on doing some readings to gauge interest in a new theatre we were thinking about starting!

And here we are, 5 seasons in. So much has changed – we’ve made changes to the building, the family has grown, it’s been a wonderful journey so far. And so much has changed in the rest of my life, too! I still am amazed at how grown up my kids are getting.

It’s been quite a week, and I’ve had so many projects going on that I’ve felt a little stretched, a little less focused than I’d like. That happens to us all, sometimes, I know. But then a few things happen at once, and suddenly you’re aware of how every second is being spent. Some of those things are uplifting, others are heartbreaking: A friend loses a loved one too early. A student enthusiastically thanks you for helping them with something that made a big difference to them. Your kids ask “Can you be home this weekend?” with real hope in their eyes…because you’ve been gone too much. An audience member seeks you out in the lobby just to say “We want you to know that we love it here.”

Balance. I think that’s what we can take from those moments: the reminder that balance is vital to our survival. Balance between rushing, and pausing. Balance between giving and taking. Balancing each of the elements of our life, and mixing them together in just the right proportions to make, for a little while, a smooth and fulfilling journey. We don’t always succeed, of course, but that’s true about every other aspect of life, too – and all we can do is grab hold of life and wrench it back into balance! But first, we need to recognize when it’s necessary. It’s so easy to let the little brushfires of every day block out the bigger picture with their smoke…

It’s funny, though… It’s usually when that smoke is the thickest that we most need to step back and examine the bigger picture, isn’t it?

Gentlemen, why don’t you laugh? With the fearful strain that is upon me night and day, if I did not laugh, I should die.
– Abraham Lincoln

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