Review #2: “Fine Comedic Team Owns Greater Tuna”

Our second review for Greater Tuna has come out, and it’s wonderful! 
Check out some highlights below, or the whole article here!  

"Despite the nearly three decades since the banter of OKKK radio jockeys introduced play-goers to the third smallest town in Texas, there is a freshness and spontaneity to the Williamston Theatre production that opened Friday night. It was almost as if the script were waiting for actors Wayne David Parker and Aral Gribble to team up to play the dozens of characters inhabiting Tuna, Texas."

"Greater Tuna explores a small-town collection of small-minded people who are unabashedly bigoted and completely committed to preserving their lifestyle choices. In the hands of Caselli, Gribble and Parker, the mocking is gentle and the satire benign. There is an affection for these flawed individuals that acknowledges while their eccentricities may be individual, their deviation from an imagined norm is something everyone shares in some form.  If you’ve never visited Tuna, Texas, this production is a stellar way to introduce yourself."

I’m thrilled to see the actors getting the praise they’ve gotten in the reviews so far – it matches the comments we’ve gotten from audiences – they’re working their butts off, and doing it expertly!  Add in a top-notch production staff and crew, and this show was a real treat for me to work on.

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