Tuesday’s Spinning Plates Report…

Keeping all the plates spinning…

Quite a lot going on, much rambling could happen as I sit here in front of the fireplace, just stream-of-consciousness typing. It’s been a good couple weeks, lots going on. “Greater Tuna” is selling really well at the Williamston Theatre, which is nice. People are loving it, and the theatre is putting some money in the bank, which is also nice.

We’re launching into pre-production for “Oedipus”, which starts rehearsals 3 weeks from today. I’m getting very excited about the show. I think the cast is fabulous, the crew and designers are wonderful, and this could really be a neat production. I’ve not directed a Big Fat Greek Classic before, so I’m both excited and nervous, because it’s a little scary! Still, one of the reasons I put the show in the season is that it was a little scary to me, and I’m feeling good about tackling that. Plus, tackling it with Annie Martin, my co-adaptor, and the great cast and production team on this show is very exciting!

I have a meeting tomorrow about a potential future gig that could be a lot of fun. It’s been such a busy few months, I’ve not done much self-promotion or looking for freelance work, so it’s fun to get back into it – especially on a project that could be really neat. We’ll see what the future holds, I guess!

In the meantime, though, I’ll be wrapping up the final grades for the class I taught at MSU this semester (which was a ton of fun. I hope the students enjoyed it as much as I did!)

Speaking of University work – I’ll be working with Otterbein University again this year, and directing their Senior Showcase – that’s always a fun project, and we’ll be going to New York and L.A. with it.

And now is the time to start thinking about what next season will be at the Williamston Theatre, so I’ll be launching into that too! I’m always open for suggestions! Anybody out there got a favorite new small cast play? Let me know, I’ll add it to the list!

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