Tuesday evening bullet points…

•The Detroit Free Press listed the co-production of It Came From Mars by Joseph Zettelmaier, which I directed at The Williamston Theatre and Performance Network Theatre, as one of the top Michigan stage productions in 2010! Director Tony Caselli and his hilarious ensemble played brilliantly with classic screwball-comedy types in this Performance Network-Williamston Theatre coproduction. See the article here! What a nice thing to be mentioned – thank you John Monaghan, we’re honored! 🙂

•In other exciting It Came From Mars news, playwright Joe Zettelmaier has been nominated for a national award for the script! Joe is nominated for the American Theatre Critics Association/Steinberg New Play Award! A wonderful honor, this is actually his 3rd nomination! I’m pleased that I got to work with him on it, and I’m looking forward to this summer when we will do the World Premiere of another of his scripts, And The Creek Don’t Rise, at the Williamston Theatre!

•A week from today we start rehearsals on Oedipus. I can’t wait! This big ol’ Greek tragedy is going to be a challenge, but I’m very excited to work on it with the wonderful cast and production team that we’ve put together! Adapting the script with Annie Martin has been a great process, and I think it’s going to be a moving, theatrical, engaging piece of theatre!

•Last night was a neat event. The First Annual “Theatre Industry Post-Christmas Party/Equity Fights Aids Fundraiser” – a whole bunch of the theatre professionals got together and chatted, drank, ate, exchanged silly white-elephant gifts, and generally had fun – all while raising some money for a good cause. I hope it becomes a regular tradition, it’s nice to see folks from theatres that I rarely get to hang out with all relaxing and chatting about theatre and non-theatre stuff!

•The last week, because of the holidays, has been much more family time than work time. Starting tomorrow that balance begins to shift back the other way a bit, as I start gearing up for all the stuff in the next week (our New Year’s Eve Open House, production meetings for Oedipus, rehearsals starting, selecting next season’s lineup, etc…). It’s been so nice to get so much family time! I’m glad we get to squeeze in a few more days before the kids go back to school and my rehearsals start!

•Quick things I learned in the past week: The King’s Speech is a better movie than Tron: Legacy…… the spinning battling tops called BeyBlades that my son has been begging for really are fun to play with and I’m glad he got them for Christmas…… giving your daughter her first cell phone is a nerve-wracking thing but having the parental tracking feature helps calm the nerves…… you really can get sick of Christmas Ham in only 2 days…… the new MacMini is a wonderful upgrade from our 2003 iMac that died a couple of weeks ago!

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