Bitter Tony’s Rye Bitter has returned!

So, my namesake beer is back in season!

Several years ago I was harassing my friend Duncan, who is the Brew Master at the Grizzly Peak Brewing Company in Ann Arbor.  I was harassing him along the lines of "Duncan!  We’ve been friends for nearly 20 years!  How come I don’t have a beer named after me yet?!  You brew new beers ALL THE TIME!"  (This conversation may have taken place while we were DRINKING beer, and playing video games.)  We were laughing and giving each other the kind of grief friends give each other when they’re drinking beer and playing videogames.  "You seem a little bitter about this, Tony", said Duncan.  "I have sampled enough of your beer, I have EARNED IT!" – and the conversation went on for a bit, I’m sure there was name calling, and then we moved on to other things.  

Some time went by, and I got a call from Duncan.  "Your beer will be on tap next week!"

Sure enough, Bitter Tony’s Rye Bitter was born! Since then, every year around this time, a new batch appears on tap!

Tonight I got to hang out at Grizzly Peak, and enjoyed some great beer!  If you get a chance, go!  It’ll only be there for a month or so, it’s on the rotating cask.  And it’s YUMMY!  🙂



5 thoughts on “Bitter Tony’s Rye Bitter has returned!

      • We did! M decided he wanted to go there for his birthday dinner today. I saw your beer on the sign, and told him about it…. I was glad to see it was still there!
        I don’t actually like beer myself, but he gave it a try for his second pint. He liked it. I tasted it, and found it quite strong, but I can see how somebody who likes a strong beer would enjoy it. (:
        Still cool!

        • Yay! I’m glad you liked it! 🙂
          I just think it’s darn fun to say “Hey! There’s a beer named after me!”
          Thanks for trying it – I’ll tell Duncan that you guys liked it!

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