A snow day turns into more than I’d hoped for

So, for Snowapalooza 2011 we had a pretty relaxing day at home. I spent a while clearing the driveway… have I mentioned how therapeutic it is to use the snowthrower? It’s a great way to just clear your mind. I don’t know, there’s something about clearing the snow away, KNOWING that it’ll probably be covered back up again soon anyway… it’s like making plays – and a whole lot of other things in life – you work and work and for a while it’s just what you hoped it would be, and then the next day it’s just gone. Hmm….

After the driveway was clear, and after solving how to work around rehearsals being cancelled (well, moved to another time), the day was spent inside with the family. We did some chores around the house, and I had hoped to do some work for the theatre and for a soon-to-be-announced project I’m working on, and I started to do that stuff, but Max kept asking me to do things with him! He’s been into BeyBlades lately (basically they’re like “battling tops” that you spin and see who has the top that spins the longest as they bang into each other), and we played some of that for a while. The kid beats me nearly every time.

After a bit of that, I was going to do some of my work, and he asked if I’d play some video games with him. I begged off on that, said he could play and maybe I’d play later but I had stuff to do. His response? “Are you gonna work in the family room? I can just sit in there and watch tv while you work!” And then I realized I was being an idiot.

It wasn’t the video game, necessarily. Or the BeyBlades. I’ve been working so much the last few weeks, he was just hoping to hang out with me.

How much longer will THAT be the case?

Plays. Driveways. Kids.

How much longer will it be just the way I always hoped it would be, with my son wanting to hang out with me? How many years? He’s 10, so I’m betting I can count them on one hand…

Work to do? Yep. But it’ll always be there…. and hanging out in the basement helping the kids make birthday presents for their mom will not. The days of the whole family gathered around the table playing fun zombie board games like THE LAST NIGHT ON EARTH will not always be there. But they sure as heck were today.

So, here I am – everyone’s asleep, and I’ve been doing a little catch-up on my to-do lists. The Director me didn’t get as much done as he’d hoped today. That’s okay, he’s had a good couple of weeks.

The Dad me though?

Well, at bedtime my son said “Hey Dad, I’m gonna read myself to sleep – you wanna lay down and read with me for a while?”

And what more could I hope for?

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