The Dance Of The Spinning Plates Resumes!

Spin juggle spin juggle spin juggle!

Starting rehearsals today for my newest directing project, Ernie, by Mitch Albom.  This will be at the City Theatre in Detroit, and it’s going to be a very cool piece.  Check out the details here!  (What?  You want to buy tickets?!  Here ya go!)

And we’re deep into rehearsals at the Williamston Theatre for the upcoming show, While We Were Bowling, by Carter Lewis.  John Lepard is directing this, and the cast – including some veteran professional actors and some MSU students – is fabulous.  I love this script, and have been excited to produce it since I read it about a year and a half ago!  I got to watch the designer stumble-thru of the show the other night, and it’s going to be just stunning.  Laughed a ton, and got a little choked up at a couple of gorgeous moments – and that was just at the stumble-thru!  Details can be found here!  And, since I can hear you saying "But Tony, what about the tickets?!"… Here’s the ticket info! 

So, with those projects going on, plus trying to solidify what NEXT season will be at the WT, plus staying busy with my family – the Dance Of The Spinning Plates shall resume!  Always, always trying to find the balance between being a director, and being a dad and husband!  So, like so many people, I’ll be working to keep all the plates spinning and all the balls in the air and, hopefully, not let anything come crashing down!

I had a great weekend, too – lots of family time and relaxing prep for rehearsals to start, plus a fun surprise birthday party for a friend.  Last night my daughter baked some bread, which turned out to be AMAZINGLY good!  (I don’t know, she’s 13 – who knows why 13 year-old kids do anything?!)  She decided she wanted to bake some bread, so she made a list of ingredients for my wife Jeanne to get when she went shopping, and had a great time in the kitchen creating THIS:
Maggie's Bread!

And now, duty calls!  (Plus, I might need to eat a slice of bread…)

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