One more from the “I Love Being A Dad” Files…

Yesterday I posted this, because my daughter made me laugh so hard I almost did a spit-take. 

I had to follow that up with this one, though, because my son is a fruit-loop. 

I called home.  He answers the phone, completely out of breath.

Me:  Hey buddy!  What are you up to?

Max: Well, (*pant – pant*)  I took off my shirt, and I’m running around and around the house (*pant – pant*), and then I’m doing jumping exercises and stuff (*pant – pant*), and then I’m sticking my head in this bowl of water that I filled up (*pant – pant*), and holding it under there as long as I can (*pant – pant*), and then I do it all again!

At that point, I tried to ask him for a few details, but I just couldn’t because I was laughing so hard.  I mean… WHAT?!

Sometimes I think if the world were run by 10-year-old boys, things would be a LOT simpler.  And more fun.

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