Random rushed ramblings

Running running running from one project to the next, but grateful for the work and excited by each of them. I’m still fighting a sinus infection, but antibiotics and vitamins and Airborne seem to be winning the battle. And last night I slept for 10 hours!! That’s nearly double my recent average, so that was helpful!!

The Tigers lost their first game of the season, but I have a good feeling about today’s game versus the Yankees. 🙂 Boy, it’s been fun having baseball back on the radio and tv the last couple days!

While We Were Bowling at the Williamston Theatre has gotten some really terrific reviews, and the word of mouth has been incredible! We have tickets for tomorrow’s (Sunday) 2pm Matinee, but we’re SOLD OUT for this evening! Call and get tickets, it’s beautiful! 517-655-SHOW

I’ll be spending a couple days in NYC next week, looking forward to it! I’ll be working, so no time to see shows, but hopefully I’ll get to catch up with some friends over coffees! 🙂

Break time’s over.

Go hug someone you love. Don’t argue, do it!

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