A trip to the ballpark!

As a fun perk of directing a play about Detroit’s most beloved baseball announcer, we got to go to the ballpark yesterday and be on the field as the actor playing Ernie Harwell threw out the first pitch! It was, for this baseball fan, a great rush! Being on the field right behind home plate with players and managers milling about – neat!
Here’s me with the cast, TJ Corbett and Will Young!

Miguel Cabrera was awarded his Silver Slugger Award from last season RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! I cheered and yelled his name. I’m pretty sure he heard me, and we’re best friends now. I’m just waiting for him to invite me over for a BBQ.

And this is the Olde English D behind home plate!

After all the fun, we went back across the street to rehearsal, AND had a fabulously well-received preview for nearly 400 people!
And the Tigers won their game 9-0!

Thanks, Universe, for a good day!

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