More Great Reviews for ELEEMOSYNARY!

The Rogue Critic and the Lansing State Journal have both posted wonderful reviews for the Williamston Theatre production of ELEEMOSYNARY!  

However, for all that the points of this triangle are distinctive and interesting, it’s the lines that connect them, the relationships brought to life by these attuned performers, that demand — and deserve — the most attention…For it’s their sameness that ultimately wins out, their misplaced hopes for each other and the rejection and complicated inevitability of any mother-daughter bond, here magnified to outstanding effect. Lammers somehow makes much of what’s not apparent: the finest and freshest element of this production is its clear projection of what the characters don’t understand.
Read the Rogue Critic Review here!

"Eleemosynary" could be a difficult show to watch, if its cast of three had not made it so compelling. Glander’s Dorothea is by turns delightfully crazy and maddeningly domineering. As her conflicted daughter, Covey seethes with bottled-up tension. And Meredith as Echo conveys the frustrations of a sometimes rejected child.
Read the LSJ Article here!

2 thoughts on “More Great Reviews for ELEEMOSYNARY!

  1. A girl at my college directed this show for her Senior project and was (understandably) obsessed with it. Since then, the beauty of the script has always been overlaid with the passion the director, cast and crew held for it.

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