Monday’s Good Things, a bullet point list!

•We’ve been waiting on confirmation for the rights to one show for next season, and we finally procured them today.  I’m very excited about the lineup of shows next season, I’ll do a full post about it later.  Thrilled to have it all locked up.

•Speaking of the theatre, we’ve gotten a bunch of award nominations over the couple weeks, which is really nice.  The Wilde Award nominations were announced, and Williamston Theatre received 6 nominations.  We also received 20 nominations from the Pulsar Awards.  And I’m pleased to say that the show I directed in Detroit, ERNIE, also received two nominations from the Wilde Awards!

•A great weekend at home, spent a bunch of time with the family.  Birthday party for my son found Jeanne and I wrangling 8 11-year old boys for a sleepover.  (Note to self: limit sleepover invitations to tiny numbers from now on…)

•Now that I’m all caught up on Eureka (and looking forward to the season premiere in July), I’ve been watching Fringe.  I’m watching it from the beginning, and have fallen in love with it – so all you folks who kept telling me to watch it because you just KNEW that I’d love it… you’re right.  Thanks! 

•Callbacks tonight, for one of the shows next season:  Our World Premiere Musical!  

•The Detroit Tigers are playing well lately, and are only 2 and 1/2 games behind Cleveland.  This bodes well for the future because, as any Tigers fan will tell you, Cleveland sucks and we will catch them and beat them.  🙂

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