Doritos, and hope

Three questions about Doritos:

1) Why do are Doritos so darned yummy?
2) Why does Frito-Lay keep creating so many flavors that are just NOT as good as the good old Nacho Cheese?
3) Why do I keep BUYING those flavors to try them, knowing that they’re never as good?

I personally think it’s just hope, hope that the perfect snack chip could be improved on, which would be an inspirational reminder that no matter how good something is, it can still grow. Of course, it may also be that I’m just desperate to seek justification for buying Doritos Pizza Supreme despite my current waistline and the history of heart-disease in my family. Oh, life…

So: a couple things about that. The Doritos Pizza Supremes were okay, but they were just okay. I mean, it wasn’t a yummy pizza, and it wasn’t a yummy Dorito. It was a weird mix of the two that did not leave me feeling happy like I usually get when I eat Doritos or pizza.


It’s amazing…
Cool Ranch Doritos? Gross.
Original Taco Doritos? Yuck.
Late Night Cheeseburger Doritos? Um… What? Are Harold and Kumar running the R&D Lab over there?
Ketchup Doritos?! Why the hell would anyone do that to a Dorito?! I mean, “Hey – best snack chip ever! Let’s get rid of your awesomelicious powdery nacho cheesy goodness and replace it with watery tomato drizzle!”

Even more amazing, when I sat down to write, I used that new website that all the kids are talking about, the google, to search for information on Doritos. And I found THIS!!! It’s a list of 86 Dorito Flavors!! 86!

So, see – hope! I think that’s why Frito-Lay keeps experimenting, too – THEY have as much hope as I do. Because even though I haven’t YET found a better Dorito, the Doritos Gourmet Fried Chicken With Green Onion Sauce may just be just what I need…

I can always hope.

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