Today’s lesson: “It’s all in the details, Dad!”

My son is 11, and hilarious.  So I’m stepping in the shower as he’s getting out (well, I sort of rushed him in a "Towel off Tiny, the rest of us have to shower" kinda way), and as I step in I notice the settings are weird. 

"Max, why are the HOT and COLD both up so high?"

"Oh, when I take a shower, I turn the HOT and COLD up all the way, then I just adjust them down a tiny bit at a time until it’s right." 


So, with the water in the shower looking more like liquid money just washing down the drain, we held an impromptu little lesson in "How To Shower Without Wasting Money Or Water". 

Y’know… raising kids presents new and exciting challenges every day… and little reminders that it’s the little details that make the big differences!

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