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  • Wed, 19:11: John Boehner, in interview re:debt ceiling, said “We can win this.” He doesn’t want whats best for us, just wants to stick it to Obama! #FB
  • Wed, 19:15: @KellyStudnicki: Nice choice! Did you bring enough for everyone? “I’m gonna have a beer. #becauseican
  • Wed, 23:16: RT @LATherocomplex Comic-Con 2011: Matt Smith was meant to be Doctor Who | Hero Complex – movies, ..
  • Wed, 23:23: My son is having a sleepover – both boys are awake in bed, listening to the storm, counting the seconds between flashes and the sound. 🙂
  • Thu, 11:17: What’s the oddest, most unexpected, or most interesting place you’ve ever seen a piece of theatre?

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