It’s not you, it’s… well, okay, it’s you.

Dear LiveJournal,

It’s been over 6 years we’ve been together, you and I.  My online journal has lived here happily. 

The last few months have been pretty rough, though – the service interruptions, the incredible amount of spam in the comments…

It’s not that I’m breaking up with you, but… well, maybe it’s time we saw other people for a bit… just to make sure how we feel about each other?

I mean, nothing definite, but…. you know, maybe you can explore some better stability measures, some more interesting themes and easier picture posting methods… and, well… some method of dealing with whatever tech things it is that you have to deal with that shut down the service for days at a time, you know what I’m saying?  I’m just gonna have lunch with WordPress.  We’re just gonna talk…

…and in the morning, I’ll see if you’re still here…


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