Vacation was great! Now… work is also great! Some updates…

Coming up next – digging out my in-box, making schedules for 4 different projects, getting a haircut, a metric ton of paperwork for next season, and organizing the rest of my to-do list!  🙂

Hey – have I mentioned the Michigan Equity Theatre Alliance?  (Or "META", as we’re calling it?)  It’s an organization that Williamston Theatre and 6 other professional Equity theatres in the state are creating, designed to support, market and generally raise awareness of the Equity theatre industry in the state.  It’s pretty wonderful, I think, and before long it will also be a nice online hub for ticketing for all 7 of the theatres, as well!  Check it out at the brand new website,!  The website was just launched, and will continue to be a work in progress as everyone announces their new seasons and gets the info on there, and soon online ticket sales will be happening there, as well!  

I can’t believe we’re only a few days from ending our 5th Season at the Williamston Theatre.  Still amazing that A) we’ve been here that long, and B) we’re about to launch into a whole new season of programming!  Our fundraising cabaret event, "Songs, Friends and Fun" was a huge success, and based on the number of phone calls and emails we’ve gotten, I think it may turn into an annual event!  Plus I’m excited about the fact that we may soon be announcing a series of events that will be happening at the theatre over the coming season… that I can’t talk about just yet!  (How’s that for a tease?)  


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