2 sides of a coin: When Reviews Clash!

The Rogue Critic had this to say about The Dead Guy, currently playing at the Williamston Theatre:

“Ultimately, here’s the incredible thing about the production: even with the outcome always in sight, Caselli and cast leave the viewer continually in anguish over what will happen. At first, it’s an intellectual exercise that parallels the themes of the fictitious show; Eldon’s intentions captivatingly zigzag from misplaced Robin Hood gestures to orgiastic excesses to hangdog resignation to naked contrition, and it’s smartly plotted by Coble. Yet what Caselli slowly unravels, with help from the supporting cast, is the division between TV’s Dead Guy and Eldon the person. Lewis-Bedz and Eilerson do fine work grappling with the disconnect between relating to their subject as a protagonist and as a human being, a development that helps gives the play a conscience.”

You can read the rest of the review here!

We’ve gotten a couple of great reviews for this show, (the other one was already posted, HERE), and a couple that enjoyed the production, but not the script.

It’s interesting, the piece takes some twists that make people uncomfortable. Just talking with audiences after the show, some folks love it, some are too bothered by it. I disagree completely, however, with the reviews that attack the script – in my opinion it’s a dark satire, a parable that says “Hey, we’re all having fun! But, oh, hey, look where we could wind up if we’re not careful…” But, hey, that’s just the way I approached it – everyone’s allowed an opinion! And in all fairness, if you’re interested, one of those opinions can be found here, where the New Monitor reviewer expresses his intense dislike of the script. Ah well, opinions… clearly they come in all shapes and sizes.

Always amazing how people can see the same show and come away with incredibly different understandings and interpretations of it. I’m looking forward to chatting and writing more about this, but it’s tough to do without giving away plot points, so I’ll wait until the show has closed! If anyone reading this has seen the show, though, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below! Just try and keep it “spoiler free!” 🙂

4 thoughts on “2 sides of a coin: When Reviews Clash!

    • Thanks, Chuck! And it’s funny, because I didn’t expect it to be this “controversial” thing, or anything – I like the story, I like the modern parable/warning quality of it, and how it takes us from laughing to making us stop and think, maybe feel something. Some folks apparently get that and go with it, and some folks aren’t affected the same way. But I do think that our job isn’t to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy all the time. (And, as a rule, I LIKE warm and fuzzy, and do it often!)

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