Halloween Weekend! (Halloweekend?)

A nice day today!  This afternoon, Jeanne and the kids and I went to Williamston, where they have a nice tradition: The weekend of Halloween, all the downtown businesses give out candy on Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours.  So, I hung out at the Williamston Theatre and gave out candy to a TON of cute costumed kids, while Jeanne and our kids wandered around and trick-or-treated downtown!
Then, we came home and carved pumpkins while watching spooky movies – first watched “The House On Haunted Hill” from 1958, with Vincent Price!  Then we watched several spooky episodes of the original “Twilight Zone”.  The kids loved seeing all the old black and white stuff!  (“Wait – this is from before man landed  on the MOON!?!”)  🙂

And – we had some great carving action! Here are the kids getting started…

Here’s a shot about 90 minutes later, after carving while watching the movie…

And, of course, the best way to view a Jack-O-Lantern is in the dark…

This is serious business…. note the Serious Spooky Faces when the lights go out!

NOW we’re ready for Monday Night!

Happy Halloween!

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