Pic Post Wednesday

Wednesday is photo day – a random assortment of things from the life of a Dad, an Artistic Director, and a guy who now has to help his son build a trebuchet. (“A WHAT?!” you ask.) Oh yes – a trebuchet:

Of course, ours will look a little more like this:

In an unrelated thought – you know what’s fun to hear from your 11-year old? “Hey, Dad. I’ve known about this project for 5 weeks, but forgot to mention it, so now you have 9 days to help me build a medieval siege machine.” Parenting = non-stop adventure.

It’s a good thing he’s cute…

We start previews next week of Dead Man’s Shoes at Williamston Theatre. These costume renderings are by the very talented Amber Marisa Cook:

Last pic of the day – just a gentle reminder…

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