Monday’s Miscellaneous Things

Playwright and all around neat guy Joseph Zettelmaier has a new website! Check it out here!

My alma mater, Eastern Michigan University, has a magazine, and I was honored to be interviewed for it recently!

Click the pic to go to the magazine! You can find the article on page 30.

Good Lord, I look so serious in that picture.  I’m pretty sure I was counting, in my head, the days until the next episode of “Fringe” was on TV.  (Speaking of which – man, what a good show!)

Here’s another take on Theatre and Social Networking.  I’m not a fan of the so-called “Tweet Seats”, which surprises some folks since I love my gadgets.  (I think there’s a time and place, and in the middle of a play isn’t that place, usually.)   I do think, however, that there’s a blend of technology and theatre that will work, I just don’t know if we’ve seen it yet.  This video has a different twist on it – thoughts?


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