Wednesday Pic Post… On Friday

Yep, Wednesday Pic Post on a Friday. These things happen!
Life is good. Currently rehearsing Ernie, which starts performances tonight with our first test audience! Also in rehearsals for The Understudy as an actor which, thankfully, doesn’t open for a few weeks! Having a blast doing both, and grateful for my life!

Research from the set designer and director for The Understudy. The setting for the show is “onstage at a Broadway Theatre”. The way they’ve attacked that in our small space is really wonderful, and I’ll post pics of that in a couple of weeks when it’s done. In the meantime, some research pics…


PS – Hey Michiganders, recognize those places?

This made me laugh.

I’m very pleased that my current favorite show on TV has been renewed for a fifth and final season!

Seriously, if you haven’t checked it out, you should – John Noble is just incredible! (and the rest of the cast, the writing, production quality – it’s pretty darned great!)

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