Saturday Miscellaneous!

Preparations are underway at Williamston Theatre for the final show of the season, Red White and Tuna, as well as prepping for next season! I’m SO excited about the lineup of shows between now and August 2013! Here’s an article about our 2012-2013 Season!

Closing The Understudy this weekend, it’s been a terrific run. I couldn’t have asked for more fun people to be onstage with, Drew and Michelle are great, and the whole team of director, stage manager, designers, crew, staff – it’s been a fabulous ride! I can’t remember if I linked to our wonderful review from The Rogue Critic, so here it is!

So, here in Michigan we’ve had a giant political thing happening: The Republican lead legislature is waging a war against women (they wouldn’t call it that, but it is). In the midst of this, a Democratic State Representative, Lisa Brown, made a statement that got her banned from speaking on the house floor! The public outcry from her being banned has been huge, with a ton of people speaking out on her behalf, showing up to the Michigan capitol with signs saying “Vagina is not a bad word!” and “Stop The War On Women!”, etc.. The theatre community in Michigan has been very vocal, and I’m proud to say that my friend Carla Milarch, Associate Artistic Director at the Performance Network Theatre, has organized a reading of Eve Ensler’s play The Vagina Monologues at the capitol! It’ll happen Monday, and the playwright will be there in support! Truly an amazing moment – speak out, people, you will be heard! Here’s an article!

Maggie and I are getting ready to run the Warrior Dash next month! In related news: I have some catching up to do in the “Get in shape to run the Warrior Dash next month” plan… Still, here’s the course we’ll be running, if you want to check it out!

Happy Saturday everybody!

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