Thursday Big Pic Post: Good Things Of The Week!

My Daughter and I ran the Warrior Dash!

(This is us coming out of the final mud pit, where we crawled under barbed wire, and headed for the finish!)

Of course, before the finish came the “jumping over flaming logs” part of the obstacle course…

And at the finish line, they gave us our medals and water!

In other life news, we’re doing very fun research for boom, the next show I’m directing at Williamston Theatre:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, because I thought it was fun:  Family and friends recently went to see a couple episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation that were showing on the big screen.  (They’re remastering the series, so there was a big event.)  We had a great time, and were laughing about being nerds when everyone suddenly realized our cell phones were a terrific mix of nerd-dom.  As we were looking at it, my son Max pulled his old-school Gameboy out of his pocket (complete with Iron Man sticker), and added it to the group – it fit perfectly! has a very cool blog post by Irene Gallo, exploring paintings that have books in them.

This is just one of them, it’s a fantastic collection, check it out!

And the last pic of the day: this is The Wealthy Theatre in Grand Rapids.  I’ll soon be directing a re-mount of Ernie here!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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