Tuesday – just for fun

I finally broke down and put one of those “stick figure families” on the rear window of my car…

20120828-133216.jpgYep, they’re zombies.

At the gas station yesterday, a couple on a motorcycle were also filling up their tank and they commented on the zombie family and how much they loved them, and it got me realizing that in the last few months I’ve gone from having no stickers or anything on my car at all to suddenly having 4.

Here are the others:
I’m an Apple fan…


20120828-133458.jpg and we just got these to sell or give out to subscribers this season at Williamston Theatre!

And after my donation, I got this nice magnet to get us through election season:


Happy Tuesday everyone! I don’t know how YOU’RE spending it, but I’m starting rehearsals for boom, and I’m very excited!

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