Five Things Friday!

It’s Five Things Friday!

SO: 5 random things from my life:

1)  When I was a little boy, I used to play the accordion.  It was almost as big as me.

2) Most days of the week, I have an ongoing “group text message” going with my younger brother and sister that is normally pretty hilarious. Say what you will about the pros and cons of texting, but I love that – although we all live far apart – we can still chat and make each other laugh this way.  dtgfunny







3)  My first car was a fire-engine-red Ford Pinto.  I loved that car.  One time when driving it, the stick shift came right out of the floor in my hand.  I handed it to my buddy Spencer, who was riding with me, and said “Here, hold this” and then drove about a mile back home in 2nd gear!

4)  I wore a bow-tie to kindergarten.  A clip-on one.  Nearly every day.  Because I wanted to.

5)  I have a tattoo.  It says “Maggie” and “Max” in a band around my upper right arm.



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