Random Good Things On A Sunday Night

Father’s Day with my family was great. I’m a lucky man.

The first part of my arm surgery was smooth and successful. Part two will be in July, and a couple weeks after that I should have a working fistula for dialysis. That’ll be a lot nicer than these tubes in my chest.

I’ve been able to be at work a few times this week, slowly getting life moving towards the new normal. We had some callback auditions, and next season will be cast in the next week or so.

Rice Dream. No, I’m not dreaming about rice. Rice Dream is a pretty good non-dairy replacement for milk when I need something to put on cereal. (Dairy is pretty limited in my dialysis diet because of the phosphorous).

The Edge Of Tomorrow was a pretty fun movie. Having a day just hanging out with my son and seeing it was even better.

“Love Letter” is a fun, simple, fast-paced and family friendly card game that we just started playing. check it out!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope your week was as full of good things as mine!

2 thoughts on “Random Good Things On A Sunday Night

  1. Tony, we’re SO GLAD that you’re feeling better and making progress toward being completely healed (even though that make take a while). Keep up the good work! We will keep you in our thoughts.

    Jeanne and Frank McKowen

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