November 1st. Another Day To Celebrate The Amazingness of People!

I can’t believe it’s November already! This month has flown by, and I’ve only posted a couple of times. Where did October go?

This evening my lovely wife Jeanne and I had a wonderful night relaxing and playing cards with friends, and I realized that it was the first of the month, which means it’s officially been 7 months since I was released from the hospital. It’s still amazing to me how it can feel like all of that hospital business happened a hundred years ago, and at the same time feel like it was just yesterday. Such a weird thing!

Such a great month, October was. I feel like I’m getting my strength back, but following doctor’s orders and trying to not push too hard or do too much. Today, in fact, was one of the hardest physically that I’ve had. The amazing Pastor Joe showed up in our yard this morning, leaf blower and rake in tow. “I noticed driving by yesterday that you guys had a lotta leaves, and you’ve had a tough year, I thought I’d help out. I needed something to do today anyway.”

Well, our acre lot has over 20 giant old trees, and “a lotta leaves” is an understatement. Jeanne and I had just been discussing how to approach them this year, because I know I don’t have the strength yet to do two weekends of raking and tarping and dragging and burning yet. Once again, though, we’re reminded of how amazingly kind and generous the people in our lives are. I couldn’t let Pastor Joe work out there by himself, though, so I grabbed my gear and joined him. That 2-hours-plus of leaf work was the best workout I’ve had in months! Still, I was no match for Pastor Joe. When I finally just couldn’t hold the leaf up blower any more, I hugged and thanked Joe, and went inside to collapse into a nap.

He got SO much more done, and we’re so thankful. Jeanne sent him home later with lunch and a fresh baked apple-crisp. Now, as I’m in bed typing, about to fall asleep, I’m thinking of the kids sleeping in their beds, a beautiful Fall day, the simple wonderfulness of a day of yard work given by a selfless soul, and a gentle evening catching up with friends.

The Universe gave us some challenges this year. I’m so grateful, though, for getting through them… and that getting through them helped strengthen our ability to recognize the magic in days like today!

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