Because You Can


I love this picture. It just reminds me of the amazing-ness of the world, and the people in it. It’s also a great reminder, a gentle prod, saying “What did you do today? Who did you help? What did you create?” God knows, those reminders are useful. They are for me, anyway. The last couple of months have been busy – new season at the theatre, the holidays, teenaged kids and their crazy schedules, and still a lot of doctor appointments and trying to get more in shape and healthy and re-defining “normal” after the Comapalooza of a year we had around here.

As busy as everything’s been, I still find myself wondering if I’m doing enough. I mean, the schedule says so, but the question is “Is it enough of the RIGHT stuff?” There’s no question – after this year, I really am looking at life differently. This is a second chance. Right now, every day is a bonus. A mulligan. What will that lead to? I don’t know yet. But I’m looking forward to discovering more of the answer!

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