Workin’ for the weekend…

A couple of pics from the show I’m currently directing, Sirens, by Deborah Zoe Laufer.  Several settings; travel agency, a home, a cruise ship, a rocky Mediterranean island straight out of Greek mythology. 

First, the model, by Scenic Designer Matt Imhoff.

Next, the actual set, in progress, as of yesterday: 

And me climbing on the set in the cruise-ship-configuration. 

Because sometimes you climb things. To make sure they’re safe. For the actors.  I wasn’t just climbing for fun! 

Okay, I was climbing it for fun.  AND to make sure it was safe for the actors. Two birds with one stone…

Having a great time working on this show with this group. The cast is fabulous, the production staff and design teams are just amazing. We start previews two weeks from now, I can’t wait to see how audiences respond!

For more info: SIRENS

2 thoughts on “Workin’ for the weekend…

  1. When are you going to do a podcast on “time management?” I want to sign up for that one! I think all that time in Sci-Fi land has given you the secret to having 36 hours in your day rather than the 24 us mere mortals have! You amaze!

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