So many things to celebrate and be grateful for right now!

A wonderful Easter morning with my family.  A wonderful 22-Year Wedding Anniversary with my wife, the most amazing woman on the planet!  Major League Baseball is just days away from starting a new season!  

PLUS! Check out this gorgeous piece of art by Forrest Haskins!

I’m so excited to have this in our house!  It was part of the WT Gallery Showing for our last production at Williamston Theatre – our gallery was filled with work by Mr. Haskins, and I loved it. This piece was one of my favorites. It looks GREAT in our family room. 🙂

In other good news, look what you can now buy from Amazon! 

      It’s the first Volume of the Williamston Theatre Anthology! Our 2-volume anthology, collecting all 14 of the world-premiere plays we’ve produced over our first decade, is being published as part of our 10th Season celebrations. (Volume 2 will be out this Summer!)  Check it out here!   

 And, since we’re talking about cool things being created to share with others, I had a fantastic time this weekend with the Tech process for The Decade Dance at Williamston Theatre.  (One of the world premieres that will be featured in Volume 2 of our Anthology!)  The entire production team brought all the pieces together to elevate this piece to a thing of beauty! I couldn’t be prouder of the team. 

And the fun doesn’t stop there! Today I get to Tech Rounding Third at Tipping Point Theatre in Northville, MI.  In 3 days, I get to have 2 tech processes and work with with 2 AMAZING teams of professionals who are crushing it. That’s like Christmas in March for this Director/Producer! 

I hope you’re all finding the things in your life to celebrate and be grateful for!

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