Thursday Things: Try, try again…

So last week I had Arm Surgery version 1.0.   Turns out that didn’t do what it was supposed to do, so today we’re on our way to the update: Arm Surgery 2.0. 

Should be straight-forward. The first attempt was in hopes that the easy way would solve the challenge… Alas, the slightly more complicated method is required, so here we go. 

It’s okay, though! I’m grateful for the smart, skilled people who know how to do these things, and my awesome wife who is spending the day with me!

If this surgery doesn’t work, I’ve been lobbying for a sci-fi robotic arm. I want lasers, scanners, and a grappling hook. I think the med team thinks I’m joking, but most of my friends are like “Yep. Like Cyborg, from the Justice League. Sure.”  It’s nice to have friends who get me! đŸ™‚

Speaking of friends,  my pal Mike McCafferty has a new podcast that’s a ton of fun. Mike is, he says, going through a Star Trek Mid-Life Crisis ™ and his new podcast, I Just Want To Tak About Star Trek is a blast. A fun, ridiculous, soul-searching quest to find meaning in life and explore our relevancy, his podcast often features my friends Jason, Kim and Matt along with other frequent surprise guests. It’s a great listen – you should check it out. In fact, I guest-starred with Mike on episode 7.  Check it out, then subscribe and listen from the beginning, you won’t regret it! 

Check out Episode 7 right here!  

In the meantime, enjoy your day, laugh a lot, and celebrate everything!

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