Quick Tuesday thoughts…

Got to hold some callbacks last night for The Turn Of The Screw that I’m directing for The Penny Seats in October.  Man, I love watching what good actors do with good material. Blessed to have spent the evening with some fine performers!

Speaking of good material and fine performers, we start rehearsal for 1984 today at Williamston Theatre. I’ve been excited about doing this show for a couple years, can’t wait to get to work with this amazing script and team! 

And, boy, Facebook Memories, you are just hitting me right in the heart this week. 3 years ago I was starting to wake up from my coma. I don’t remember much about that time, but I remember being amazed at the kindness of people who were inexplicably wearing shirts with me on them. This week 3 years ago is, I think, when the shirts started arriving in the mail, because there are so many pictures popping up in my Facebook Memories feed of people wearing them – Check them out here, if you like!

I’m just overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity of people. Overwhelmed, amazed, and so grateful.  

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