Thursday Things I Recommend

Today, some fun:  A random list of stuff I recommend.

The Documentary RBG.  At theatres now, it’ll be airing on CNN also, and you should see it.  It was one of those things that, upon completion, made me go “Wow. What an amazing person. What have I done to make the world a better place today? Probably not enough.” Really inspirational.

This article from BRAIN PICKINGS about the meaning of art.

Scotland.  We just took an 11 day trip there, and it’s amazing.  The Highlands are beautiful, Glasgow and Edinburgh were wonderful (am I allowed to like Glasgow more? I kinda did.)  I’m ready to go back, for a longer stay.

BlacKkKlansman – the new movie by Spike Lee.  Powerful, funny, thoughtful, horrifying, and incredibly important to see right now.  Don’t wait.  Go see it.

Memoir, at Williamston Theatre.  Our show has 5 more performances as of this writing, and if you haven’t seen it and live nearby, you should go.  It’s a beautiful, fun, heartfelt exploration of life and death and legacy.  Check out this review from Broadway World.

Are you on Twitter?  Want an account to follow that helps keep the drudgery of life at bay?  Check out Thoughts Of A Dog (@dog_feelings) for a sweet, goofy lift.

Sorry To Bother You the terrific film by Boots Riley.  Comedy, drama, social-commentary sci-fi satire I don’t know I can’t even describe it.  Wonderfully original and worth seeing, Boots Riley is someone with a voice I want to keep hearing from.

Being outside.  Lately I’ve been doing a lot more walking and bike riding, and it’s been wonderful both physically and mentally.  Find a park, a metropark, a hiking trail, a national park, a nice botanical garden, something.  Go walk amongst trees and flowers and crickets and birds.

What about you?  What things have struck you over the last few weeks as being worth recommending?  Share them in the comments!


Here’s my wife at Glasgow Cathedral, and my sister Gina and I at a beautiful spot in Callander, Scotland.

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