It’s Friday. Turn up the music…


Everyone knows Purple Rain was a huge breakout film for Prince (that album was actually his SIXTH album!), but his best film was, without question, the concert film Sign o’ The Times.  Trust me on this.  I still have the film… ON VHS!!  YES, VHS.  No, YOU shut up – I’m old!

Trust me.  Just push play on these videos.  Turn your volume up.  ESPECIALLY if you’re at work. Everyone in your office will appreciate it.


Watching Prince play that guitar, Sheila on the drums, and Boni Boyer in this first video “I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man” is just amazing.  And watch the second video to see Prince and Boni double-down on the funk.  So good.  (The second vid is them combining two songs, “Forever In My Life” and “It” in a fantastic blend.)  This was 1987, but it’s absolutely timeless.


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