A New Season…a new opportunity.

Okay, Baseball Season opens tonight! Whatever you think of a crazy pandemic-shortened 60-game, no-fans-in-seats season, with runners on second to start extra innings (what?!), HERE WE GO. Can baseball bring people together and bridge the political divide in the USA? I dunno but maybe, just maybe, we can all stop for a minute, breathe, come together and marvel at the beauty of a perfectly turned double-play and recognize that with a little cooperation, we can get through this together. We have to. Teams of players from different backgrounds, different races and skin tones and languages and religions all learn to work together in pursuit of a common goal… and we should too.

(So I’m an optimist, sue me.)

Where there is no hope, it is incumbent on us to invent it. – Albert Camus

The Tigers roster is exciting, and untested!

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