Catching up

Some nights you have an amazing dress rehearsal of a show, the reopening show after almost two years of being closed from a pandemic, and you have a great night of collaboration with a team of Michigan artists, and then you go home and watch Selena+Chef because cooking shows are your relaxing JAM and after a long day of building a play it’s nice to spend an hour on the couch before flinging yourself into bed.

Of course, by “some nights” I mean tonight, and that’s the night I’ve had. It’s been a wonderful month of getting back to rehearsing and making a play with the amazing production staff that I get to work with, and our team at Williamston Theatre is made up of people I love working with, so I’m exhausted but happy and grateful. I mean, Covid may shut us down any time, but we’ve had a great rehearsal process and we are ready for audiences, so we’ve done our jobs and fulfilled our mission statement and I can’t wait for audiences to come in and share the experience with us.

It’s been a long 20 months to get to this point. There were times when we weren’t sure our company would actually reopen or survive. So, although we are still 3 days from officially Opening our Reopening show, I’m really grateful to be here, doing what I do, with the people I’m doing it with. And I’m looking forward to doing it with the amazing team of artists we’ve put together for the rest of the season. We’ve got great stories to tell, and I can’t wait to help bring them all to life with these Michigan artists.

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