Random Pic Post

Busy few weeks. Lucky to have been busy. Summer show in rehearsal at Williamston Theatre, and a show I directed being remounted at Tipping Point Theatre. Plus lots of stuff like trying to get next season fully cast, doctor appointments, Jeep needing new brakes, etc…. Life! But we managed to get in some fun too.

So here, for fun, is a collection of random pics from the last few weeks.

We have to submit pics of our negative COVID tests. I like to keep mine interesting.
A moment at Lake Michigan with my beautiful wife
Some Tracy Joneses hanging out.
FlipFlop, our one-eyed Schnoodle, recovered from having an eye removed! Covered in grass after celebrating getting his “cone” off by rolling in the lawn!
I mean, it just looked like a picture was required.
How I’m spending Sunday afternoon.

Have a good weekend everyone.

2 thoughts on “Random Pic Post

  1. Geeze! I saw your test and at first glance thought it a pregnancy test!!😳

    Glad your pup is well and “cone-free”. Incidentally, he greatly resembles our dog Harry!

    Sounds like a busy but good summer so far…May it continue so!

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