My sweet-tooth hurts…

Happy Halloween!

So yes, trick or treating was a treat. This year the group looked like this:
Max was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for the 3 halloween parties he went to, and then decided at 3pm that he was tired of being that, so at 4pm when we started trick-or-treating he was a Bat, using his very cute costume from last year. His choice.
Maggie was a lovely clown, with an awesome multi-colored curly wig, a bow-tie 18 inches across, and big red ‘honks when you squeeze it’ nose.
Jeanne was also a clown, with an awesome jester hat, and a nice big red-foam nose.
I was a pimp. Yes, a pimp. I went with the politically correct choice this year, and looked very, very hot doing it.

More candy than should ever be eaten was gathered.
It will now sit in 2 giant bowls on the counter for a while, until enough is eaten that it will fit into one giant bowl, and be tucked into the cupboard.
When Easter gets here, we will throw what’s left away, and re-fill the bowl with the Easter candy.
Does this process strike anyone else as slightly stupid?
A) I bet lots of houses have the same process,
2) It’s nice to have 37 lbs of candy on hand, in case company comes over, and
III) I wouldn’t change it for the world.

15 thoughts on “My sweet-tooth hurts…

  1. rotfl
    1. I take the extra candy into work
    II. Screw eating it and blowing any kind of dieting I’ve achieved over the last year
    C. A PIMP?
    Actually, I buy more candy for looks than I do anything else. The son isn’t fond of candy, and I buy what I don’t LIKE. That’s the rule of thumb.
    My teeth hurt too. I think we had maybe MAYBE three trick-or-treaters. No teenagers this year. Son dressed up for nadda. Oh well, I had fun putting mouse in his hair.

    • Ah dieting. I looked in the mirror this weekend, after finishing a 55-gallon sized Starbucks Mocha, and said “Holy Wha! When did Dad’s belly move in with us?” Then decided I was cutting back on my Starbucks Mochas, and my late-night eating after rehearsals. Then today came and I ate 94 Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.
      *pats tummy lovingly, comforting it and cooing gently “who’s a good tummy? Who’s a good tummy?!*
      And yes, a pimp. I was lacking any…employees, of course…but my big fuzzy hat and gold tipped, leopard-print walking stick made up for my lack of who………wholesome employees.

  2. Good tummy
    LMAO…”when did Dad’s belly move in with us?”. I’ve always believed comedian Lewis Grizzard’s theory on weight loss/gain. Whenever someone loses weight, someone else has to find it. So if your neighbor goes on a diet, look out, you could wake up with an extra 10 pounds one morning. HAHAHAHAHAHA
    And the visual of you patting your tummy lovingly is too much.

  3. Yummy in the tummy
    You still don’t finish the candy by Easter?!? What? And you didn’t eat cupcakes until you had confirmation that you could? What has the world come to, Mr. C? Oh the inhumanity!

    • Re: Yummy in the tummy
      Theres like 37 POUNDS of candy! It’s bigger than your office, the candy pile! This morning Maggie waded in to find a Twizzler and we thought we’d lost her! If we ate it all before Easter we’d go into full blown sugar coma’s and you’d all have to take turns coming in to change our sheets.

  4. Were you guys trick-or-treating anywheres around the CCA at that time? I thought I saw something similar to your attire, but I could have been wong as it’s only a glimpse.
    And hey wait….Weren’t you a pimp in Supersucker?

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