Goodbye 2008

A gentle evening at home to celebrate New Year’s Eve. We were originally planning on going to my sister-in-law’s and having the families play games all night, but my daughter’s sudden strep throat threw a wrench into those plans! (She’ll be fine, antibiotics are kicking in!)

Still, the gentle evening at home is actually just what the doctor ordered for the whole family. Jeanne made some awesome homemade chicken soup, Maggie’s resting, we’ve played a bunch of Wii sports. (My kid kicked my butt in boxing! I returned the favor in golf!)

So – some laying around, being together, watching Shrek 2 (so much fun!) – a pretty good night!

All in all, 2008 was a good year.
My family is doing well, which is the most important thing.
Following that, Williamston Theatre had a good 2nd season (and the start of season 3 has been good also!)
I personally learned some good lessons in work and life, which is always good.

In the next month, I’ll turn 40 – and I’m very excited about it – I’m expecting 2009 to be a good year!

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