Waiting… and working…and waiting…

Working at home, while waiting for the car repair place to call me and tell me my car is ready to pick up. It was supposed to happen this morning… since it’s 12:59pm, that clearly isn’t happening.

So, I’m working on my computer setting up schedules for a couple of things, reading a script I was emailed, researching next season.

Mostly, I’m getting annoyed at not getting the phone call that my car is ready!

So – to avoid getting in a bad mood, here are some random good thoughts:

I have fallen in love with The Office! I’d only seen random episodes here and there, but got the first two seasons over the holidays and am having a great time watching them!

We’re getting ready to start rehearsals for The Effect Of Gamma Rays On Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds at Williamston Theatre. It’s a gorgeous, heart-wrenching play, and it’s got a great cast and director.

I’m starting full rehearsals for the show I’m guest directing at Michigan State University next week, Hedda Gabler. This big ol’ classic is a challenge, and one I’m looking forward to. Also, it’s been a while since I worked with college students, so it’ll be a fun atmosphere.

AAAAND while I was typing that last bit, the car place called, and my car won’t be ready for another day… maybe two. *headdesk* Looks like I’m still driving the rental…

Off to work!

4 thoughts on “Waiting… and working…and waiting…

  1. I was going to make a wisecrack about just discovering “the office” now, but I can’t. It’s too good! It only gets better as you watch it. It’s distinct enough from the original which is also amazing.

    1. Yes, I’m horribly behind on realizing how great this show is! The good news is that watching it on DVD, I don’t have to deal with those pesky weeks between episodes! 🙂
      And, although I hate to sound like a jerk, I’ve known you for a long time now, J. Why didn’t YOU tell me to start watching this? Yep – that’s right – I’m blaming YOU!

      1. Why don’t we just cover all our bases in case you aren’t watching any of these:
        Lost: Greatest show in the history of television.
        Battlestar Gallactica (new version)
        Mad Men
        Alias seasons 1-3 (if you missed it)
        Pushing Dasies
        The Shield
        Curb Your Enthusiasm
        The Sopranos
        You can thank me later.

        1. Okay, here goes. Don’t laugh at me.
          Lost: Greatest show in the history of television.
          Jeanne and I love this show.
          Battlestar Gallactica (new version)
          Saw first season, liked it, need to get the rest on DVD
          Mad Men Haven’t watched it – will check it out
          I find myself having to cut good shows out of my schedule, there’s just not enough time in my life to watch all the shows I wish I could! 🙂
          Dexter Love the actor in it, haven’t seen it – will check it out
          Tried watching it, didn’t get into it
          Alias seasons 1-3
          Watched the whole series!
          Pushing Dasies Love it. Sad that it’s cancelled
          The Shield Meh. Heard it was great, but like with 24 or CSI, just can’t get into police shows
          Curb Your Enthusiasm
          The Sopranos For all 3 of these, I don’t have HBO. I’ve seen a few episodes of each, but don’t want to pay for HBO!

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