American Theatre Wing has an excellent series called “Working In The Theatre”, and it’s a collection of discussions that are well worth watching.

This collection of billboard advertising has some really, really cool stuff in it!

Do you like jigsaw puzzles? My wife does, and has become addicted to the site!

4 thoughts on “Link-o-Rama

    1. Yeah, they’re pretty great! They also do REALLY cool podcasts called “Downstage Center” – you should check those out. Great for listening while driving, walking.

  1. Also on iTunes
    You can get the audio & video archives free on iTunes too. My favorites are Alan Ayckborn, Joe Dowling of the Guthrie & Michael Boyd of the RSC. Great interviews. It’s like going to grad school, but more useful.

    1. Re: Also on iTunes
      Ooh, I’ve only gone to their website, I’ve not subscribed to it through iTunes. That’s a good idea! I’ve become a big fan of listening to the directors and artistic directors talk about how they do what they do!

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