My daughter made my heart burst tonight

My 11-year old had a little bit of a rough day today. Without getting into detail, she was sad and a little heartbroken at one of those things that, I think, make a lot of people a little sad and heartbroken as they start their steps into adolescence.

Well, tonight after tucking her in, I lay snuggling her and chatting about life. We talked for a while, and the last bit of our conversation was this…

“Sometimes”, I said, “It’s hard to know what to do in life.”

“Yeah”, she said, “That’s what I have you for.”

I started to answer, but couldn’t seem to find my voice, so I just hugged her tight for a second after that.

After a minute, I said “But y’know, sometimes it’s not easy for me to know what to do in life either.”

She thought for a beat, and replied “That’s what you have Grandpa for.”

I smiled. “Yeah, yeah it is.”

“That’s neat”, she said.

As she drifted off to sleep, her head in the crook of my arm, I thought “Yeah, yeah it is.”

9 thoughts on “My daughter made my heart burst tonight

  1. Well, he IS one of the first people I call…
    I hope my kids do super sweet stuff like this, but with my track record as a kid, and knowing my luck, they will kiss me goodnight, and then hand me a dead rat for safekeeping. Not saying that I wouldn’t be honored to be entrusted with my kids dead rat, but you know…

    1. *laughing* Yeah, I figured that was you!
      See, if they’re kissing you goodnight, and then trusting you with important stuff like their dead rats, I think you’re doing something right!!

  2. Your burst heart.
    That story is just the sweetest and choked me up…. not an easy thing to do. Your daughter is wise beyond her years. Thank you for sharing.

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