5 Good Things

Following in the lead of several folks on LiveJournal, today’s post will be a simple list of 5 good things from today:

1) Church, Brunch and Hanging Out with my family. Some nice Quality Family Time today.

2) Great Williamston Theatre board meeting. It still amazes and humbles me that people want to volunteer and dedicate themselves to this place we’re building.

3) A nice phone call catching up with my folks, who are enjoying the Florida weather!

4) Tonight I got to watch team USA in a game of the World Baseball Classic – nice. It’s not MLB, but it’s a nice segue to the season starting in a few weeks!

5) Taking my son to the Chelsea Center For The Arts to see his self-portrait, which he did in art-class, and which was selected as part of the Chelsea School District Student Art Show!

Bonus Good Thing:
6) This Guinness I’m drinking… that definitely qualifies.

2 thoughts on “5 Good Things

  1. MMM Guinness. I mean all the other stuff is good too but its hard to compeat with Guinness. Unless of course its Spotted Cow 😉 Just kidding. Glad to hear all is well with you and the family.

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