A good weekend

Previews went great at the Williamston Theatre – Panache was well received by the first 4 audiences!

Some family time – thank goodness!
Key moments with my kids:
My daughter fixing my wife’s hair, because she didn’t want to be seen with Mom’s hair looking silly and windblown. I guess THAT phase is starting!!
My son showing me how he can use the top 1/2 of his music stand as a crossbow… “In case burglars break in!”. So, we’re covered there. Oy.

In a breakthrough that I’m more excited about than I have a right to be, I figured out how to use my iphone to program my TiVo! The future is here! I want my flying car!!

Oh, and Prince’s new album came out today! I need to import it into iTunes so I can listen to it on my iPhone when I’ve got the time – I’m looking forward to it!

Now, I need to sleep so I’m awake for General Auditions and rehearsal tomorrow!

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